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I am a musician and sound designer who is passionate about exploring the boundaries of sound. Born and raised in China, I started playing piano at the age of six and received a professional music education at the music high school affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music and later at Shanghai Conservatory as a dual major student in Orchestra Conducting and Composition. 

With a strong interest in the future of music, I transferred from Shanghai Conservatory to Berklee College of Music, where I am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in Electronic Production and Design, with a minor in Sound Design for Video Games and Creative Coding. During my time at Berklee, I’ve worked on a variety of projects, including music production, digital instrument/controllers building and installation art. I discovered a love for sound design and game audio, and learning game programming and game audio middleware to enhance my understanding of the field. 

I am particularly fascinated by the possibilities of sampling and synthesizing, combining these classic techniques and pioneer audio technologies to create innovative and imaginative soundscapes. My training as a classical musician has given me a keen ear for detail and an ability to passively listen and absorb the sounds around me. Each “normal” sound captivates me and evokes a visceral reaction in my body. 

I consider myself fortune to have switched my learning direction. Since then, I have discovered a newfound joy and fulfillment in my chosen path. With a drive to continue exploring new sounds and technologies, I am excited to see where my audio journey takes me next. 

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